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What is an ecoscape?
An ecoscape is a concept one step above landscaping. Ecoscape integrates the disciplines of landscape architecture and spatial planning with environmental science. Every piece of land is unique and offers different materials and micro-environments. Ecoscaping aims to design in harmony with the land to create an environmentally healthy and sustainable landscape.

Wildwood Ecoscapes strives to combine the personal goals of homeowners with functional, economical and sustainable innovative solutions and teaches homeowners how to care for their land naturally.


What can Wildwood Ecoscapes do for me?

Here are a few examples of projects with which we have been involved:

Landscape design and construction; many times we can make use of natural
  material already located on your land (see "Wildwood Projects" for some

* Construction of out-buildings, decks, trellises and tree houses; designed to
  last and to fit in naturally with your property

* Forest, field and lawn maintenance; we can help with any size property

Woodland species identification; find out what kinds of plants and trees are on
   your land and how they can enrich your life and property.

Boundary marking & map making of individual properties;
both small and very

* Ecological and wetland delineation; gives you a better idea of what you can do
  with your land while keeping it in a natural balance with its ecology and native

* Timber appraisals and lot clearing; if you need to remove some trees find out
  which ones are best to remove both for your wallet and for your land.

Mission Statement

Taking a holistic approach to sustainable land use management, Wildwood Ecoscapes aims to educate and provide a research based development and management plan to increase the overall ecovalue and enjoyment of your home and landscape.
Wildwood Ecoscapes promotes biodiversity and wildlife habitat. A portion of all profits go towards helping native wildlife through education and wildlife rehabilitation.

A little bit about me

I love just about everything about the outdoors, particularly horticulture, forest ecology and wildlife.

My passion for experiencing the wilderness led me to Paul Smiths College, where I received an Associates degree of Applied Science in Ecology & Environmental Technology. I then moved to Cornell University where I received a Baccalaureate degree in Plant Science.

During my university tenure my holistic ideology of the natural world was developed and refined. I wanted to work in the outdoors and help land and homeowners with their properties. However, working for landscaping firms often frustrated me as aesthetics often took priority over the health of the land's ecology.

I started recognizing how people have become divorced from the natural world in which they live, and felt the desire to reconnect people with their natural environment. This led me to founding Wildwood Ecoscapes, which focuses on aesthetic design in harmony with the long term health of the land. In addition to property design and science, I also enjoy educating clients about the "evovalue" of their properties.

I've worked on both big and small projects and look forward to talking with you about your property!